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Best of Colde: Song recommendations to career spotlights

Any ‘Korean chill vibes’ playlist wouldn’t be complete without music from Colde.

Singer, producer, music label owner – here’s some of the artist’s big career moments and song recommendations to add to your playlist.

Korea’s Jazz legacy, Park Sung-yeon

Often referred to as the ‘Godmother of Jazz’ in Korea, Park Sung-yeon (박성연) is credited for paving the way for Korean jazz musicians and for the proliferation of jazz music in the country.

Read about Park Sung-yeon’s life and her incredible dedication to jazz spanning more than 40 years.

English Lyrics to ‘Lie, lie, lie’ by Lee Juck

In his uncomplicated and poignant way, Lee Juck’s lyrics to ‘Lies, lies, lies’ speaks from the perspective of someone that realizes they’ve been abandoned by the person they love the most.

Decoding Code Kunst’s work that made his career

From his humble but daring beginnings in 2013 as a self-taught beat maker to his commercial success as a producer, this article chronicles Code Kunst’s illustrious career that seems only to be just unfolding in 2020.

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