The MoinNet Manifesto

Why We Do What We Do


There are 2 main problems that I found and made me angry enough to do something about them:

  • There is a severe lack of searchable, quality content in Korean. Trustworthy and educational information from diverse sources is not readily available across different topics. As a result, people are less widely-read and less empowered than they could be, relying on a small number of sources and exposed to only a narrow spectrum of opinions.
  • Less-mainstream but valuable aspects of Korean culture do not receive as much media and online coverage in English. Korea is a small country with big accomplishments and accomplished people and Koreans need to share them with the global audience to promote lesser-known but commendable aspects of Korea.

These problems can be said for other languages that have equally underdeveloped online content landscape.

How We Do It


Below are the foundational approaches to how the problems described above can be addressed:

  • By enhancing the quality and quantity of online content in Korean – we will identify opportunities across various topics where there is a lack of quality and quantity of content in Korean. We will produce heavily-researched and reliable content across different topics to make information more accessible to the Korean people.
  • By enhancing the quality and quantity of online content in English on relatively uncovered, unfamiliar aspects of Korea and Korean culture – we will spread knowledge and appreciation of Korean history, culture, and traditions to the international audience.

In the long term, our model of increasing accessible information in a local language can be extended to non-Korean languages as well.

By also becoming a serious competitor of online content for a given local language, we hope to diversify the authoritative sources people get information from and to encourage other sites to produce better content to stay competitive.

Our Values


The following are our organization’s values that every contributor is required to adhere to:

  • All-rounded quality – heavily-researched, fact-checked, comprehensive, reader-friendly. We don’t compromise on quality.
  • Accountability – everyone in the organization holds themselves to the highest standards, be it in quality or ethics.
  • People-centred – at the heart of the organization are people – be it the contributors to the organization or the readers of the site content. We are people-first.

Who’s Behind MoinNet


Different backgrounds, different interests. But we’re working towards a shared goal by playing to each of our strengths. Learn more about each of us by clicking to our individual pages below.

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