English Lyrics to ‘Goodbye’ by Park Hyo-shin

“Goodbye” was released as a single in May of 2019, the same year Park Hyo-shin (박효신) celebrated his 20th debut anniversary.

This song was the result of another collaboration with his close musical companions – composer Jung Jae-il and lyricist Kim Eana – following their other poetic and lyrical songs such as “Sound of Winter” and “Breath.”

“Goodbye,” though, was a much larger-scale project. It’s made up of a 50-person orchestra and the skills of sound engineers Tony Maserati and Greg Calbi, who worked with artists as wide-ranging as Beyonce, Jason Mraz, and Ed Sheeran.

Even the music video was directed by a high-profile figure in the industry. Luke Monaghan, who has worked with artists like Sam Smith and Disclosure, created a visual story that adds to the song’s deep sorrow.

Listen to Park Hyo-shin’s “Goodbye” below and enjoy a read through the original translation of the lyrics. Let us know in the comments if you liked it and if you have other songs you would like to see translated.

Please note: The translation below is based on my own interpretation of the lyrics and is not an official English translation of the song provided by the artist.

Translated lyrics to “Goodbye” by Park Hyo-shin

Official music video of “Goodbye” by Park Hyo-shin

As I looked into the fading afternoon
I recalled the time that had brushed past me

The one that was etched in the corner of my memories
You are here, now

From the frozen frame of my mind
You smile at me like the summer

This just might be the last goodbye
I thank you for staying with me all this time

I wonder what made it so hard to say this word
Now then, goodbye

We were just seeking very different dreams
Like playing hide-and-seek from when we were small

The one who stands alone until the sun goes down
I am here, now

From the frozen frame of my mind
You smile at me like the summer

This just might be the last goodbye
I thank you for staying with me all this time

I wonder what made it so painful to say this word

I had held on tight to my goodbye with you
At last the tears I held back flow down

Today just might be the last goodbye
I found joy in every day with you

I wonder what made it so hard to say this word
Now then, goodbye

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6 thoughts on “English Lyrics to ‘Goodbye’ by Park Hyo-shin”

  1. Brenda Hanson

    I agree with the comments above, your translation is poetic and beautiful. Thank you so much. I discovered Park Hyo Shin recently, his songs are beautiful and speak to my soul, but most of his videos and performances on YouTube don’t have English translation, I’m very happy to discover your site.

  2. Mary Jane Westerlund

    Discovering Moinnet feels like a coup for me.
    Here’s why:
    For some inexplicable reason, I have turned to Asian music throughout mourning of my husband during the past year. I started with Chinese, and, that easilymigrated to mainly Korean music and performers. I’m necessarily focused on the music since I don’t speak Korean. All I can think is that the music must match my heart, which needs to find that understanding connection.

    Thanks so much for what you are providing in translations. I’ve explored your site a bit and will spend more time there.

    I especially appreciate your approach to translations which emphasizes the importance of retaining the poetic intent of the lyrics. My husband was Swedish and I spent many years in Sweden. I have translated Swedish poetry and Swedish lyrics to English. I am sure I’ve read a lot of poor translations of Korean lyrics to Engkish. But, your translations are an art form. Thank you, thank you. Kamsahamnida (bowing.)

    1. Dear Mary Jane,

      First and foremost, I want to say that I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
      It must have been a difficult time for you and I do hope you’ve been taking care of yourself, too.

      I also want to thank you.
      Your story was a much-needed reminder to me of why I started this site more than two years ago. It’s an absolute joy and privilege to hear from you and other readers and you keep us going and reminds us that we’re doing something right.

      I’m also so happy for you that you discovered Korean music and that you’re connecting with some of the songs. The performances on the Korean show ‘Begin Again’ might be a good place to explore more if you haven’t come across it yet. There are lots of clips on YouTube for you to get introduced to different artists and songs, both old and new.

      I hope you find even more that truly speak to your heart and that they help you no matter what lies ahead.

      Wishing you health and happiness from afar,

      May LKM
      MoinNet Chief Editor

  3. Thank you for this. Can you also translate his song “Adoration” (or at least that was the translation of this: 동경 in Google. Hope I got that right).

    1. Hi Gen,

      That’s one of Park Hyo Shin’s most beloved songs for sure! Thank you for your suggestion and we will consider it for our future translations. In the meantime, do look out for other posts from us!

      MoinNet Chief Editor,

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