English Lyrics to ‘Someday, the Boy’ by Kim Feel

Singer Kim Feel (김필) brought his signature husky and emotional voice to Part 6 of the original soundtrack to the 2020 Korean drama ‘Itaewon Class’ (이태원 클라쓰).

‘Someday, The Boy’ (그때 그 아인, and better translated as ‘The Child, Then’) is the main character Park Seroyi(박새로이)’s theme song which sounds like the character reflecting on his past, present, and future to himself or someone he confides in.

There is the deep sorrow he continues to carry from his past but also the strength he tries to muster to soldier on despite everything he experiences in life.

Please note: The translation below is based on my own interpretation of the lyrics and is not an official English translation of the song provided by the artist.

Translated Lyrics to ‘Someday, The Boy’ (그때 그 아인)

Official MV for Kim Feel’s ‘Someday the Boy’

Would my shadow from this long day
Still be lingering in my pain
If I wait without a word
It rushes in that I might stumble

Laid atop my heart, these memories
Can’t just be erased by the tears I’ve shed
Where do I even begin erasing them
Hollow laughter is all there is

Vivid memories affixed to my chest
Faces pass by as if laughing at me
I could almost touch it, I reach out my hand
But there’s only my shattered dreams escaping me

As if at a crossroads
I was staring blankly for a while
Something drew me to it
I turned to that voice for a while

You’ve grown up with every passing moment
Holding on to the sadness of your youth
Even the nights you would have been alone
Holding on to the pain

Time has since raised me
And tells me to step into the world now
My past self would then ask me
If I’m happy enough to smile now

My desires that are burning yet
Until they’re fulfilled entirely

Time has since raised me
And tells me to step into the world now
My past self would then ask me
If I’m happy enough to smile now

Did that child years later
Finally have all that he had ever dreamed of

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13 thoughts on “English Lyrics to ‘Someday, the Boy’ by Kim Feel”

  1. Anne Cumbers

    Hello from Australia. I agree with the comments left about how great the Korean dramas are and Feel Kim is currently my favourite singer/songwriter. His music is varied and always interesting as is his voice!

  2. This is a beautiful song. Even without the translation I knew it was deeply emotional. However, having the translation makes it more impactful.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this awesome translation. A reliable translation is the most valuable thing for me. Songs are not one word next to other, they have deep meaning and feelings behind. This is the best translation I’ve ever seen. I also enjoy reading both as the same time while listening to the song. It’s better than the full lyrics in English and then the full lyrics in Hangul.

    I like the drama. I love the song, and now I love the song even more thanks to you 💜. I’ll be waiting for more awesome translations.

    Love from Spain,

  4. Birgit Polter

    HI MayLKM FOUND !!!! 🙂 korean lyrics readable for Europeans 🙂 from ” Someday The Boy” You Tube: ROCKY from Band ASTRO
    just great. .Now I can learn it by heart and sing it. I’m crazy, I know. But what shall I do ? It’s the best song I ever heard in my life.
    Love from Germany

  5. Birgit Polter

    Hi MayLKM
    I can’t of course read korean writing/signs . Is there a chance to read the korean lyriks in our alphabet ? I really would love it to sing ‘Someday the Boy’ in korean.

    Many regards an of course I keep on supporting Korean music

    1. Hi Birgit!

      That’s great feedback, thank you!

      I’ll try to find out if other visitors to our site would also like the alphabetised Korean lyrics and consider adding it into the page. Perhaps it’s something everyone else wants as well!

      Hope you enjoy the other content we have in the meantime!


      MoinNet Chief Editor

      1. I agree, it would be wonderful to also have a version a western alphabet. What a beautiful song this is.

  6. Birgit Polter

    Hello dear moinnet-team,
    I live in the north of Germany and I am a deep fan of K-Dramas and korean music. K-Dramas have in my opinion an extreme high standard. They are so different from european productions. That’s why it is so much fun to watch them.

    Watching Itaewon Class I was caught by this outstanding musician and singer Kim Feel singing ‘Someday, The Boy’. This artist makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me happy. Didn’t now that Korea is a nation of fantastic singers, musicians and dancers…. I want to give a really, really very warm Thank You ! to Park Sung II who wrote this song.

    Thanks also a lot to you for translating songs into english and german and arabian letters/korean writing.
    Korean actors, films and music are now a MUST for me.
    Thanks for your good work !

    1. Hi Birgit!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment! I’m thrilled to hear that you discovered K-dramas and K-pop and are enjoying it – and believe me, there’s lots to enjoy 🙂

      If you liked Kim Feel’s ‘Someday, The Boy,’ I would recommend listening to Jung Seung-hwan’s ‘If it was you’ (in case you haven’t come across it yet!). It’s also a song from a Korean drama called ‘Another Miss Oh.’

      And check out songs from some of my favourite artists like Park Hyo-shin and Lee Juck that I’ve also translated on MoinNet!


      MoinNet Chief Editor

      1. Birgit Polter

        Dear MayLkm
        thank you so much for the hints concerning other fantastic singers .
        Jung Seung-hwang, Park Hyonshin (so young and sings like not from this world) WOW !
        I made new playlists. Lee Juck different but good.
        Here in the north of Germany , by the way, we don‘t say Hello, we say all day long MOIN
        Again Thank you !

  7. Marcia Houston

    Fantastic. Interested in all Kim feel songs that are not in English… From albums. Thanks so much. All translations from this soundtrack appreciated. Cheers to you for doing this, music so beautiful, singer is phenomenal. You described his voice perfectly. I only listen to korean music. All day.

    1. Hi Marcia!

      Thank you for leaving us your comments – and I enjoy Kim Feel’s songs too, his voice is really soulful, isn’t it?

      Hope we also got you interested in other exceptional Korean artists as well from our growing collection of translated lyrics!

      Stay safe and keep supporting Korean music 🙂

      MoinNet Chief Editor

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