Unfamiliar Koreans

We cover Koreans who are respected in their own fields but we feel deserve more recognition from audiences across the world.

Best of Colde: Song recommendations to career spotlights

Any ‘Korean chill vibes’ playlist wouldn’t be complete without music from Colde.

Singer, producer, music label owner – here’s some of the artist’s big career moments and song recommendations to add to your playlist.

Korea’s Jazz legacy, Park Sung-yeon

Often referred to as the ‘Godmother of Jazz’ in Korea, Park Sung-yeon (박성연) is credited for paving the way for Korean jazz musicians and for the proliferation of jazz music in the country.

Read about Park Sung-yeon’s life and her incredible dedication to jazz spanning more than 40 years.

Decoding Code Kunst’s work that made his career

From his humble but daring beginnings in 2013 as a self-taught beat maker to his commercial success as a producer, this article chronicles Code Kunst’s illustrious career that seems only to be just unfolding in 2020.

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