English Lyrics to ‘Lie, lie, lie’ by Lee Juck

One of Lee Juck(이적)’s timeless pieces, ‘Lie, lie, lie’ (거짓말 거짓말 거짓말) was released in the singer-songwriter’s 2013 album ‘The Meaning of Solitude’ (고독의 의미).

Lee Juck wrote this song after reflecting on stories of parents who, struggling to care for their children, decided to leave them in public places in the hopes that they would have a better future than the parents could provide. So, the song was originally written from the perspective of an abandoned child (as visualized in the MV), but anyone would be able to empathize with the despair of realizing they’ve been abandoned by the people they love the most.

As timeless pieces go, ‘Lie, lie, lie’ (better translated as ‘Lies, lies, lies’) has numerous covers but some personal favourites are by Kang Seung Yoon from the Kpop group Winner and by Jang Beom June.

Let us know if you have a cover you keep going back to and if you have a song you think is Lee Juck’s best bar none.

In the meantime, enjoy this original translation.

Note: The translation below is based on my own interpretation of the lyrics and is not an official English translation of the song provided by the artist.

Translated Lyrics to ‘Lies, lies, lies’

Lee Juck’s live performance of ‘Lie, lie, lie’ in 2013

You said you would come back
You said you only needed a second
You told me to stay right here
You lied, you lied, you lied

The sun starts to set as I stand staring blankly
The night passes as I sit hugging myself tightly
But you’re not turning up after all
You lied, you lied

I kept waiting for you
I believed your every word
The cold wind has frozen the road
And me along with it

You said I had done nothing wrong
You said I was a good person
You said you would understand my pain too
You lied, you lied

I’ve been left alone again
All the memories have been thrown out
I knew I wasn’t good enough
You lied

I kept waiting for you
I believed your every word
The cold wind has frozen the road
And me along with it

I believed your every word

You lied, you lied, you lied

Note from the editor: ‘거짓말’ is directly translated as a lie or lies, but it seemed more fitting to use ‘You lied’ in the context of the song.

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4 thoughts on “English Lyrics to ‘Lie, lie, lie’ by Lee Juck”

  1. Shin Yong Jae Recently did a heartfelt cover to the song that is both painful and sweet and I can’t get enough of.
    You’re translation is on point, now I get all that I’ve been feeling

  2. I first heard this song as sung by Hwang Chi-Yeul in a YouTube video. (Immortal Songs 2). It is a very beautiful and moving performance, but I didn’t know the true meaning until I read this page while researching the English translation of the lyrics. Now I know why some in the audience wiped away tears. Thank you for sharing. Now I want to listen to more songs by this wonderful songwriter.

  3. VIXX’s Lee Hongbin sang a heart-wrenching rendition of this song in one of their concerts. A must-watch.

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